Open World secondary school offers a high quality pedagogical programme through bilingual teaching, differentiated pedagogy, positive teaching methods and small class sizes. We base our pedagogical project on the following positions:

  • a rigorous bilingual curriculum
  • following the State national curriculum and the international Cambridge curriculum
  • small class sizes and differentiated teaching methods
  • positive teaching methods
  • openness to languages and to the world (bilingual French-English teaching, third language option Spanish or German from Year 7, Chinese as a fourth language option in Year 7)
  • secular teaching, supported by the ethics and religious cultures curriculum
  • importance of PE and visual arts
  • awareness of nature and of the environment
  • coding lessons and instruction on how to use networks and digital tools responsibly in order to understand and master technology
  • preparation for French State exams

The aims of secondary school are :

  • A solid understanding of core subjects
  • The development of efficient work methods
  • A progressive evolution of independent work
  • An intensive foreign language learning programme
  • A solid acquisition of basic general and cultural knowledge
  • An openness to the world and the beginnings of a critical analysis
  • An actively positive attitude so every student can reach their full potential

Small class sizes allow teachers to tailor their classes to each individual child. This individualised learning environment encourages children to give their full participation.

Teachers are recruited for their dynamic teaching methods and their bond with the students. They are committed to instilling in students the pleasure of a job well done.

Open World secondary school continues directly from its primary school. It follows the same philosophy, the same academic excellence - positive teaching methods balance, Montessori-inspired pedagogy and a positive and encouraging approach to education. We regularly draw attention to the golden rules of the school throughout the year so that every child can enjoy a serene working environment.

Art, singing and the natural environment (that we take advantage of daily for science or PE classes) are still significant assets that play an important role in personal development.

Open World International School is above all a sharing community where students, parents and teachers share the same values. It is a place whose strength comes from its family atmosphere, its bilingual curriculum, its freedom of action and its open-mindedness.

Continuous assessment helps to monitor each student’s progress. Evaluations take place three times a year to analyse what each student has learned so far and how they apply this knowledge. These evaluations are noted in a report card which is sent home three times a year (in December, March and June).