Created in 2012, Open World International School is a private, non-contract, independent, secular establishment. The school does not receive any government subsidies and is registered under law 1901 as a non-profit organisation. Currently Open World International School welcomes almost one hundred students from nursery to secondary school and continues to grow and develop.

What is a non-contract school?

In France, there are three types of school: public schools, private contract schools and private non-contract schools. Non-contract schools are those who do not have a contract with the State as described under the 1959 Debré law. It is strictly an administrative term which in no way reflects the reality of these schools. We prefer the term free school (which reflects the school’s freedom to choose pedagogical methods, curriculum and teaching staff) or independent school (which highlights the school’s creation by civilians and not by the State). The wide variety of independent schools enriches French schooling options, which significantly increases parents’ chances of finding a suitable school for their child.

Non-contract schools are regulated by the Education Code which defines a demanding legal framework. They are subject to more complete and thorough inspections than other schools. They have an obligation to achieve results, in so far as their numbers and financial situation are directly dependent on family satisfaction.