a propos de nous

Our quality teaching is made possible thanks to rigor, dynamism and positive, differentiated pedagogy. Small class sizes allow for the individual monitoring of each student. Students learn by actively discovering things for themselves and by their own experiences. In this way we use the teaching methods created by Maria Montessori.

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A WORD FROM THE PRINCIPAL: Mme Valérie Harlé d'Ophove

Mme Valérie Harlé d'Ophove

We must have faith in our children and turn our focus towards their immense potential rather than their limitations or faults. We should strive to go beyond academic programmes and not content ourselves with staying within the standard limits. Let us be bold and think outside the box to instil courage and a desire to dare, create and do in our children.

This school came to be because of conviction. Founded in 2012, our establishment may still be young, but it is also flourishing and innovative. We believe in a school that puts children at the centre of their own learning, that challenges and supports students, that allows each child to progress through a rich and varied educational programme, that encourages and values its students, that fosters student-teacher relationships created by trust and mutual respect. We believe in a school filled with initiative, purpose, dynamism and creativity.

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